George Penniman Architects, LLC has provided its clients thoughtful, thorough and responsive solutions to a wide range of architectural challenges since 1993. Completed projects in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine and Massachusetts range in scale from small additions to significant estates.

Whether designing a house to allow for the growth of a family or the privacy and comfort of an individual or couple, our ideals and approach remain consistent. Our projects reflect the thoughtfulness, care, respect and effort that go into their design and construction. A strong commitment to design, careful detailing and the implementation of proven building practices result in projects that satisfy the owner's functional and aesthetic requirements while enriching the surrounding community.

We respect the tradition of which our work is a part, yet we will not deliberately copy or recreate works of the past. A project should be timeless and never look dated. We create energy efficient houses and additions that reflect the Owner’s ideas, priorities and lifestyle, rather than our own preconceptions. We create spaces that allow for the delight of discovery: the way sunlight moves through a room, the shadow of a window's design on a wall, a composed view from one space to the next. A house may contain grand, elegantly proportioned spaces for a crowd, as well as cozy, sculpted spaces for moments of private reflection.