Essex Village House

The plan and section resolve the dramatic change in elevation from the street level to the back of the house. Zoning regulations dictated a deeper front setback than neighboring houses, yet the established curving street edge was maintained by skewing the garage from the main house. The flaring space between the two structures provides an opening to the site, with an exterior stair to the ground level kitchen doors. Site walls and stairs ease the transition down the hill to an existing studio and pond. The house is heated and cooled via a ground source heat pump. In-floor radiant heat and underslab mechanicals required extensive, ongoing coordination between builder, architect and engineers. Stone salvaged from the site and previous house provides the base for the natural shingled upper levels. The same stone re-appears in the site walls and stairs, linking the building to its surroundings. Energy Star Certification

Area: 3,500 SQ FT

Location: Connecticut

Builder: A.J. Shea Construction, LLC
Landscape Architect: Anne Penniman Associates
Photography: Robert Benson Photography