Passive House

This 2017 CTGBC Design Award winning project is a super-insulated, high performance house that is simple, comfortable, and sits lightly on the land. Built to Passive House standards it is an air-tight building that reduces energy use by up to 90%; providing draft free, light-filled, efficient spaces. Superior indoor air quality is guaranteed by a mechanical ventilation system that transfers the heat from the stale exhaust air to incoming fresh air maintaining a comfortable 68°F. Minimal additional heat is supplied via a woodstove or electric air source heat pump.

Working with an un-developed cove front site in mid-coast Maine, clearing was kept to a minimum. Site disturbance was limited further by using helical piles for the foundation, eliminating excavation and concrete work. The main elements of the building were fabricated off-site in a controlled environment and were assembled in a matter of days. The 16"–24” thick exterior envelope is insulated with dense pack cellulose, while the use of foam products is reduced to the absolute minimum. Materials were sourced from local forests and quarries.

Area: 875 SQ FT
Landscape Architect: Anne Penniman Associates
Builder: EcoCor High Performance Building Co. LLC
Finish Carpentry: Luke Cellier, Creative Carpentry
Photography: Anne Penniman/ Naomi C.O. Beal