• Press 01

    Featured Article, "High Performing Home Showcase: Cozy cabin with nearly unparalleled performance" page 25 and page 48-49

    Green&Healthy Maine Homes Spring/Summer 2017

    George Penniman designed home is featured in high performance, energy efficient houses magazine.

  • Press 02

    Featured Article, "in the groove"

    Design New England, July-August 2015

    George Penniman, understanding his clients' desires, designed a sustainable, new construction with modern, energy efficient systems that feels at home next to its neighbors by preserving the architectural vernacular.

  • Press 03

    Featured Article, "Ocean Breezy"

    New England Home, July-August 2015

    Read how George Penniman Architects collaborated with Builder, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, and other craftsmen to provide one family with their dream retirement home.

  • Press 04

    Cover Story

    Green Building and Design Magazine

    The October 2010 issue of the magazine featured an interview with George Penniman about clients interested in sustainability and who chose to use geothermal systems over conventional ones.

  • Press 05

    Real-Life Elegance

    Better Homes and Gardens Magazine

    A smart addition and reworked floor plan combine durable and stylish materials to create a home that's just right for a busy Connecticut family -Better Homes and Gardens October 2006

  • Press 06

    George Penniman Architects

    New England Home Magazine

    The special advertising section of New England Home magazine reveals the genesis of George Penniman Architects in Essex, CT.

  • Press 07

  • Press 08

    Cover Story

    Traditional Building Magazine

    The September/October 1998 issue shows how collaboration between architect, landscape architect, and client result in a complementary unified design.